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SZELINDEK Old-Worldmusic Band

Read and hear our 1001 forms of sound… This earth-moving, wall-shaking – or if need be, soft and melodious – band of woodwinds, strings and percussions formed from the synthesis of some earlier bands such as Pirkan and Török Vidor and friends. Our goal is to decorate and drown in music Medieval, Renaissance, traditional, folk and historical festivals. Our musicians are ready for performing on stages, battlefields, dining halls or just for the sake of a fun atmosphere. Since our instruments are far from ordinary, so is our style. We seduce our listeners -all who have ears to hear or feet to dance- with a journey through time and space, from the dark ages to the Renaissance, from Arabia across Istanbul to Hungary


The music band Szelindek was founded in 2010 with the aim to play and recreate historical music. The goal was to reproduce the medieval world music from the area of both Europe and Asia obtaining the original historical sound using the authentic historical instruments. The emphasis is put on the promotion and reproduction of traditional folk music of regions: the Carpathians, Hungary, Polish, the Balkans and Turkey. The band reproduce the original sounds on such instruments as: violin, zurna, hurdy gurdy, koboz, bagpipe, tamburine, drums, darbuka, duzuki, laute, oud.

Atmosphere that is formed during concerts gives a unique feeling and brings the listener into a kind of time machine. In addition the band “moves” the audience, giving the opportunity to learn historical dances. From 2013 they began medieval dance teaching. The experienced dance teacher during the concert introduces the audience to the simple historical dance, encouraging them to learning together. To enhance the experience there are made
artistic setting like: fire dance show, and other visual art, theatre effects.

During the past five years Szelindek participated in hundreds of concerts, both in Hungary and abroad. They mainly participate in Folk Festivals, World Music events, historical castle festival, historical reenactment event, open-air music festivals and even Cadillac museum opening as well. The band, was also multi-winner in European music competitions. The members of band are experienced musicians, teachers, dance teachers, entertainers.










Éjjel járók 2017









Világjáró Kecskés 2013




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